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  • Startup Bootcamp:

Purpose :Motivate students to choose startup as a career option.

The Startup Bootcamp is an intensive, interactive  one-day motivational training program designed to test young students entrepreneurial appetite and jumpstart the entrepreneurial adventure. Participants will learn the building blocks of what it takes to create their own venture from the ground-up, including idea generation, team formation, business validation, pitching to investors and more. Set early in student life about the alternate career option and way forward to flourish your own idea here in the PEPKAL experience during P1, the Startup Bootcamp is an invaluable first step in a student’s entrepreneurial journey at PEPKALI.

Registrations :The  Startup Bootcamps  for educational institutions and interested groups are open through prior  online booking.


WHAT IN IT FOR YOU - The program has designed by industry leading experts to make sure that you learn with both the depth and breadth of knowledge you’ll need to make meaningful contributions on your first day at your high-growth startup idea. Here  we will take out hidden ideation gem of yours and will showcase your career path.

Duration - 5 Hrs.

Fee - $10/Rs.250 Each participant

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  • Ideation  Workshop:

Purpose : Leadership Development through entrepreneurship skills.

The ideation workshop will allow the team of kidpreneurs to create products of their choice for the generation to come.
•Boot Camp summarize : Advance your idea design skills by applying them to a meaningful business (or social) issue or problem.
•Leading Creative ideation : Facilitate breakthrough ideas, solve business challenges and inspire momentum within your organization.
•Design leadership : Create a shared design vision through communication and leadership.
•The Brand Experience workshop : Learn to create and help a workshop that defines the brand experience of your product or service.

Registrations : The IDEATION workshop for educational institutions and interested groups are open through prior online booking.


WHAT IN IT FOR YOU- The program designed to flourish an idea into a product and give early success in student life. Here participant will get the direction of life for his own source of living and create many more jobs.

DURATION- 3 Days (15 Hrs.)

FEE- $100/Rs.2500 Each participant

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