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  • What is a pepkali startup?

    A newly established business under Pepkali's mentoring guidelines; an idea when flourished into an industry and the originator becomes entrepreneur. The product or services will add value to the Perkmarts shelf.

  • What is a pepkali mentoring programme?

    Pepkali's Mentoring is defined as a professional structure from Champion Mentor(country level), Master mentor (state level) and mentor (area of operation) relationship in which the experienced person along with Pepkali's support mechanism assists mentors (the idea originator) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person's idea into a startup then to a product. It's a win-win combination where all parties will get benefitted

  • What is pepkali EVA+ model for underperforming industries?

    The Pepkali idea is that value of a performing industry is created when the return on the firm's economic capital employed is greater than the cost of that capital. Here Pepkali's design methodology and operation research with the turnaround manager (from the Pepkali's registered mentor list), when bring an under performing industry into more profit and subsequently bring those products into Perkmarts product category. It's to fulfill the vision statement of Pepkali.

  • How turnaround manager will work for industries?

    Turnaround managers are from the Pepkali's mentor list and will assign to work for the industry of concern, they have access to Pepkali's turnaround strategy. Where they will review existing management style, root cause analysis, SWOT analysis, activity based costing. And once full analysis is complete a strategy will apply for plan implementation under the close supervision of the turnaround manager. But end goal is to bring the product or services into Perkmarts shelf for vision fulfillment of Pepkali.

  • How it will move to permarts shelf?And what are the benefits then after?

    Once an idea form participants or a product from an industry comes into Pepkali's program as approved product portfolio, then after successful achievements of the set target those product or service categories will reflect in perkmarts shelf for better marketing innovations. Prior to that the terms and conditions of Perkmarts must be satisfied.

  • What are the processes and procedure to be pepkali startup?

    Any idea comes out from a school or college student and from an individual must be validating as unique and with a value but with a capacity to bring ROI. That idea need to be entered into the form at startup section for further response from Pepkali's management team. Once Pepkali validate it as a startup project, then it will reflect in the website with very limited information's.