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About Us

About Us

Pepkali is an enabler to OEM's and merchants to provide a platform to train, market and commercialise product and services relevant to Perks N More. Which is designed to help not only young entrepreneurs but also the non performing industries to scale and grow into profitable and stable businesses.The name, Pepkali, is derived from a historical Indian musical instrument, similar to Bugle.During ancient times, the sound of Bugle is used to signify the start of auspicious occasions.Getting inspiration from the name itself,we,a team of experienced professionals and mentors,have come together and started a mission.A mission to help budding entrepreneurs and non performing industrial units achieve industrial excellence through research,development and innovation.The journey from having a startup dream,to having an alternate source of income to actually start generating full time employment for oneself and others,is a lifecycle in itself.To help entrepreneurs innovate,develop and conceptualize their business ideas during this tough but exciting journey M/S Perks and More India Pvt. Ltd. was born. Pepkali is one of the pillars of brand Perkmart (M/S Perks and More India Pvt. Ltd.) which is focused on helping entrepreneurs come up with innovative and exciting products and provide them with a platform to reach end consumers through our e-platform as well as retail division.


MISSION: Pepkali is a web-based facility provider for brand PERKMART with systematic support for startup ideas and non-performing industries to bring those mentored categories into perkmarts retail shelf for more return on investment.”


VISION:“To create quality product categories into PERKMART”.


Our Activities



“Time for some startup action”


You need to take the first step; starting a company may be the last thing on students minds but KEEP (Kids Entrepreneurial Enhancement Programme )is providing a wonderful platform to realize schooling years are as close to the right time to explore an idea into an industry with guided support mechanism.  A newly established business idea under pepkali’s mentoring guidelines; an idea when flourished into an industry and the originator becomes an entrepreneur.  Here we welcome students to get there entrepreneurial exposure! Join the startup action and take part in the competition !


Our startup action plan:

The innovation simulates life in a startup by challenging participants by filling a simple form with a rich idea. The KEEP model of ours allows participants to learn new modes of team-based problem solving, ideation, and business model development to create a working foundation for a practical company. The process action plans are :

1.DEFINE- Think about an idea, fill the application, choose a team to select a problem area, analyze the context and define a problem statement.
2.CREATE- Get inspired by latest technology and use systematic creative innovation to generate the first business plan for the idea.
3.VALIDATE- Get support from a mentor to test whether you have discovered a real opportunity; then validate those assumptions with potential users.
4.BUILD- Fabricate a beta model and build its prototype so you can prove your idea.
5.PITCH- Together all stakeholder to Prepare, Practice and Present the new startup innovative idea to a team of experts for real execution.



“A Guru for every solution”


The role of Mentor is noble; entrepreneurs should recruit great mentors, this can increase a company’s economic value. Good mentors arethe secret weapons to get extraordinary success. Our aim is to create learning & developing the entrepreneurial environment iin established

companies. Following five principles are required in aspirant mentors:

1.    Expertise

2.    Listening abilities

3.    Team spirit

4.    Sacrifice

5.    Strategy development and implementation skills

Our list of mentors possesses experienced names that have ample expertise on the subject matter. A good mentor inculcates the habit oflistening patiently and then raising valid questions to build near-perfect team. A mentor is a taskmaster, with tough sstrategic implementation




Expanding existing business boundaries


As the part of the Pepkali industry development plan, we guarantee thorough turnaround to sick industries that aspire to enhance their economic value, through systematic consultation. Our dedicated turnaround manager offers consultancy to the industries that are struggling due to poor production policies, financial management, marketing, corporate management and credit.

The technique we use to get you the exceptional growth guaranteed by us includes:

1.    Retrenchment.

2.    Repositioning.

3.    Replacement.

4.    Renewal.

5.    Building brand value.



“We coach new businesses”


We Put Our Best Efforts In Making New Entrepreneurs! We train entrepreneurs with our specially designed boot camps and workshop. Our Startup coaching is created by the experienced entrepreneurs. We offer intensive transformational boot camp, followed by workshops to inspire young entrepreneurs to become change makers and job creators. We help each participant to develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and skills to build scalable ventures that solve real problems of society.

Our YEEP training program processed through the given cycle:

1.    Ideation.

2.    Bootcamp.

3.    Leading creative ideation.

4.    Design leadership.

5.    The brand experience.



We help you to choose startup idea for your career move


Our motto is to offer an alternate career option to people through STARTUP initiatives. Here either you can research and choose a revenue-generating startup idea or bring your own solution.


(A)List Of Idea’s For Franchise: We introduce beginners to established brands that are willing to franchise out to people who are looking for an alternate career option. Through our services, budding entrepreneurs can explore industry and leverage their skills to move into a new dimension.

(B)List Of Ideas For Incubation: The ideation process begins after receiving the first draft of your concept. The ideation process involves a thought cycle that includes everything from innovation to development, to actualization.

The rating system at Pepkali leverages ITCAM tool and follow a stringent measure.

The ITCAM tool is specially designed for startups ideas.

PEPKALI Rating stars highlight the strength of your idea in terms of the following criteria:


1. Impact (Demonstrating value): Will your product make a wholesome impact on the customer?

2. Top Down (Market acceptance): Does the business idea would cover a big market size? The idea blueprint or mock-up of your innovation can get pre-committed buyers?

3.    Capability (Profitable): How founder can build a revenue-generating product solely or with the strategic partnership?

4.    Assess yourself & trust your gut: Instead of focusing on building products that are simply "cool" or "innovative," ask yourself  ‘if the product is something you would use?’ The easiest way to confirm an idea is to first "survey a market.

5.    Mentor: Find a mentor or industry advisor. They are people who have ability or experience you lack. Don't shy away from them, introduce yourself and make a connection. That way, you will develop a valuable contact in the industry of your choice.